'Whisky Cures Blindness in Vodka-Poisoned Man'

No word yet if he had seen a headless body in a topless bar before (luckily only temporarily) losing his eyesight, but that’s certainly one New York Post-quality headline that Kottke.org has drafted for this story:


Denis Duthie was recently struck blind by vodka reacting poorly to his diabetes medication. Doctors in his native New Zealand thought he might have formaldehyde poisoning, which you can get from drinking methanol. The cure? More cowbell, er, ethanol. Since the hospital didn’t have enough medical ethanol for treatment, a nurse went to the liquor store for Johnnie Walker Black, which was then dripped directly into Duthie’s stomach.

Johnnie Walker Black — is there nothing it can’t cure? Somewhere, I can hear a voice saying, “I’m Christopher Hitchens, and I approve this remedy!”

(But perhaps it’s simply the whiskey talking.)



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