Ed Driscoll

NYC's Famous Stage Deli Closes, Owner Cites Rent

Really? All the cool kids at Occupy Wall Street told me that rent-free was the only way to live in New York. But back in the real world, this:

The famous Stage Deli in Manhattan has closed. Visitors on Friday were greeted with a hand-written sign on the door that said “Thanks for 75 years!”

The deli, on Seventh Avenue near 54th Street, got its start 75 years ago. It was known for overstuffed sandwiches named for celebrities.

It was popular with Broadway audiences.

Co-owner Paul Zolenge says the dining landmark had been struggling for some time.

He told The New York Times that yet another rent increase was expected when the lease ended in a few months.

Over-stuffed sandwiches? Those high-calorie dishes could be washed-down with over-sized beverages, so this is nothing but good news, right Mayor Bloomberg and Michelle Obama?

How will those who personify what Adam Bellow once memorably dubbed “the Zabar’s Left” respond, if reality causes that famous New York Institute, which proffers all sorts of non-Mayor Mike* and Michelle-approved** food to also close its doors?

* Well, officially, at least.

** Ditto.