Ed Driscoll

Desperate CNN Pondering Rush Limbaugh's Programming Advice

Limbaugh…made a bold prediction regarding CNN’s failing ratings fortunes, after it was revealed that the once all-powerful cable news giant’s ratings had slipped to a 20-year low.

“I think they’re gonna move further to the left,” Rush told listeners, “to try to even ‘out-left’ MSNBC.”

— Kathy Shaidle, this past July.

Zucker is also an unrepentant liberal; he’d be perhaps the least objective news overseer in the nation. He was offered a slot in the prospective Gore administration in 2000, an offer he seriously considered. He then proceeded to head up NBC’s coverage of the Gore-Bush election. Jack Welch, head of NBCUniversal’s then-parent company, GE, suggested that Zucker had turned the Today show into Pravda. As head of NBCUniversal, he mandated that almost every prime-time show include green themes. He was personally a donor to the Obama 2008 campaign.

Bad ratings? Check. Horrible programming choices? Check. Massive liberal bias? Check. Turns out Jeff Zucker will be the perfect fit for CNN.

“CNN Considering Former NBCUniversal Head Jeff Zucker For Top Slot,” Ben Shapiro, Big Journalism, today.

As viewers of NBC’s Sunday Night Football witnessed in 2007, Zucker brings new meaning to the phrase “Television blackout.” If he’s hired, I wonder which CNN show will turn their lights off first in the name of Gaia?

[flashvideo file=http://pjmedia.com/media/video/lightsoutonNBC-SNF.flv width=352 height=288 image=http://pjmedia.com/eddriscoll/files/2009/05/nbc-green.jpg /]