Ed Driscoll

CNN Finally Discovers Powerful Method to Woo Back Viewers Lost to Fox

Nahh, just kidding. Currently up on the CNN Website is this:

Wow, the more things change at CNN — over a decade ago, it was network founder Ted Turner bashing his employees wearing ashes for Ash Wednesday as “Jesus freaks” and declaring “Christianity is a religion for losers.” Today, it’s commentator Dean Obeidallah taking potshots at “white Protestants.”

I’m not linking to an article promoting religious bigotry, but you can follow Ben Shapiro at Big Journalism if you’d like to click through to CNN. In the meantime, Ben writes:

The deep racism and anti-religious bigotry of the column is glossed over by CNN editors, who refuse to acknowledge that had this column been written about any other religion or race, it would be unprintable. Only according to the left should the racial makeup of the delegates at a convention be an important element of the political discussion; only according to the left should the personal religious beliefs of candidates, rather than their governing values, be the issue.

Incidentally, while the election is still very much in flux, articles such as the above at once mainstream news source are eerily reminiscent of Time-Warner-CNN’s angry lashing out at its customers just before the GOP’s Congressional sweep in 2010.

Update: The MSM’s job is to explain how the world works to the weary viewer at home. To make the complex simple. To speak in easily understood soundbites. Except for the one question that sends them wildly dissembling into complete incoherence