It's a Show About Nothing

The New York Times once again can’t decide if it’s trapped in the New Yorker magazine’s classic “View of the World from 9th Avenue” cover, out there in the hinterlands with what one of its editors described last year as “the dance of the low-sloping foreheads”


A chart with a front-page article Sunday about the importance of Ohio in the presidential race reversed the labeling of Arizona and New Mexico. New Mexico should have been to the right of Arizona and bordering Texas, with Arizona to the left and bordering California.

…Or if it’s trapped in a Seinfeld episode:

Some supporters of Mitt Romney, in an effort to make him seem more human (or at least humanoid), have been disseminating a story, first told by a biographer, about how their candidate has a charmingly eccentric habit: he eats only the tops of muffins. His theory is that during the baking process, the butter sinks to the bottom. This story conveys so many things: our guy is an everyday Joe — he eats muffins, not crumpets. And look, even his breakfast is an opportunity to make disciplined decisions — just think how he’ll do with the budget.

The Romney campaign clearly hasn’t thought about how this anecdote will play to a crucial voting bloc: Asian immigrants.

Elaine Benes could not be reached for comment.


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