Quote of the Day III

From the Man of the Hour, Paul Ryan:

What I’ve been trying to do is indict the entire vision of progressivism, because I see progressivism as the source, the intellectual source, for the big-government problems that are plaguing us today. And so to me it’s really important to flush progressives out into the field of open debate. . . . I grew up hearing about this stuff. . . . It never sat right with me. And as I grew up, I learned more about the Founders and [learned from] reading the Austrians and others that this is really a cancer, because it basically takes the notion that our rights come from God and nature and turns it on its head and says, “No, no, no, no, no, they come from government, and we here in government are here to give you your rights and therefore ration, redistribute, and regulate your rights.” It’s a complete affront of the whole idea of this country.


As quoted in “Progressivism’s Worst Nightmare,” by Steve Hayward, in the latest issue of National Review.

And one more: “Let’s Get This Done.”


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