Ed Driscoll

NBC's Chuck Todd: 'We Have Done a Terrible Job'

“NBC WH Correspondent Chuck Todd Admits: ‘We in the media have done a terrible job at covering the economy. We have done a terrible job.’” Do tell, Chuck, do tell. Jammie Wearing Fools have the rundown of Todd’s appearance on the Laura Ingraham show, and note:

Of course, it’s not media bias. It’s just media! Or something. I guess this explains zero economic coverage and endless Akin nonsense.

You’ve got to go here to listen. Laura Ingraham’s producers used to send YouTube clips, but not for this so nothing to embed.

JWF concludes:

Still, he has more problems, deeply ingrained:

Reacting to the new Rasmussen poll showing that 47 percent of likely voters and 69 percent of conservatives think the media is biased, Todd explained:  @ @5:02 “There are partisans on both sides, that it is in their interest to delegitimize the quote mainstream media and claim bias.”

So he openly admits they’re biased by avoiding covering the economy, but it’s our imagination. Thanks for clearing that up.

Wait, it’s pretty tough to “claim” that we’re all seeing a bias that isn’t there, when MSNBC’s president and its on-air hosts have copped to it on multiple occasions. But beyond bias, let’s talk basic competence. NBC has admitted to selectively editing their audio of George Zimmerman’s 9/11 call to make it appear racist. Andrea Mitchell has gotten caught cooking the books on her coverage of Romney. It has thoroughly politicized even its sports coverage in recent years. And then there’s bias of omission in Brian Williams’ studiously avoiding Obama and Holder’s Fast & Furious scandal.

Of course bias is part of it, but as JWF writes, “First step, Chuckles, is admitting you’ve got a problem. Now fix it.”

Good luck with that. There may be a pony hidden somewhere in NBC’s Augean stables, but you’re going to need a bigger shovel to find it.

Related: Meanwhile at ABC, “In an interview with Laura Ingraham, White House reporter Jake Tapper said that the media is failing the country. “

I’m sure after November, they’ll work hard at correcting the problem, right?

Update: Perhaps NBC’s news division needs to take more of a cue from its entertainment programs. “Now, if the media *really* does not understand terms they’ve heard sixty bazillion times on Law & Order: SVU.”