Is it Ryan?

If so, here’s a preview of the Romney-Ryan fall campaign — or as Drudge writes tonight linking to the above video, “Paul Ryan took apart Obama and Obamacare — in 6 minutes!” (We already know what Mr. Obama thinks of the selection if it is indeed Rep. Ryan; note the steam coming out of Mr. Obama’s ears and the stutter out of his mouth at the end of the video.)


We’ll know soon enough Saturday morning at 8:45 AM eastern on…the USS Wisconsin.

Update (12:01 AM): Drudge, NBC, ABC and AP are all saying it’s Ryan, so this has to be The Mother of All Head Fakes if it isn’t. In the meantime though, Steve Hayward of Power Line quotes his post on Ryan from last year:

I suspect Ryan is one of the few Republicans Obama genuinely fears; after all, Ryan schooled Obama in Obama’s faux-”health care summit” early last year. (Obama does not look pleased in the video.) David Brooks reports, by the way, that Obama never picks up the phone to try to talk with Ryan.
Ryan is not simply fearless about the issues, he also gets the larger picture, and can talk about the larger picture in a way that Kemp often fell short. Ask Kemp about any other question than taxes, and you’d often hear a rambling answer that tied inner city education problems to the gold standard. That’s why his presidential prospects withered.  Ryan, on the other hand, has immense facility to talk about the broader principles of the republic; he’s not just a number-crunching bean counter.

“The Choice Makes It a Choice,” Jonah Goldberg adds. “Ryan reinforces the message, grounded in objective fact, that the Republicans have a plan for the future while the Democrats are simply about kicking the can,” Jonah writes. “The vice presidential debate will be awesome. If I had to predict right now, Ryan won’t so much trounce Biden as Biden will trounce himself. All of the talk about how Ryan is smarter and more knowledgeable than Biden will get deep in Joe’s head. Biden’s insecurities will spill out on the stage like overturned chum bucket.”


And finally, some unsolicited but rather useful and time-tested advice to the not-yet-official ticket.

Update (12:00 PM PDT): It is indeed Ryan; more on Romney’s decision, and Ryan’s ability to deftly pushback against the MSM’s narratives in the follow-up post here.


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