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Through the Looking Glass

“Chick-Fil-A Is Actually Popular: How Social Media Distorts Your View of The World,” Gregory Ferenstein writes at Tech Crunch:

Despite an inescapable torrent of opposition from popular tech blogs, Twitter users, and city mayors against Chick-fil-A, the self-avowed anti-gay marriage restaurant enjoyed record-breaking sales yesterday. Had I just gazed the world through my Twitter feed, I would think Chick-fil-A was on the verge of bankruptcy…and also that Ron Paul was president, gay marriage was legal, and President Obama didn’t have a decent chance of losing the election.


To help make sense of the reality distortion created by the legacy media, Andrew Klavan provides “A Mainstream Media Glossary:”

In technical mainstream media-ese, the word racist means any statement, policy, attitude, or idea that would benefit, improve, ennoble, or otherwise enhance the lives of poor non-white Americans thus decreasing their dependency on the state. For instance:  “When Mitt Romney suggested to the NAACP that free enterprise and school choice are the surest ways to improve the lives of minorities, some said there were reports he was racist.” Used properly, the term will help ensure some minorities continue to live in poverty and dependence on the state, thus also ensuring the future of the Democratic Party and, by extension, the mainstream news media.

Now sometimes you may hear a leftist like Brian Williams say “I’m the anchor for NBC Nightly News,” or a leftist like George Pelley say “I’m the anchor for CBS Evening News,” or a leftist like Diane Sawyer say “I’m the anchor for ABC World News,” and you may wonder, “What is the meaning of this word News?“  News shares a root with the French word “Novelle,” meaning a work of fiction. News in this context is a rich and varied tapestry of imaginative statements meant to create a delightfully alternative world to the one we’re actually living in — a world in which the leftist ideas of these anchors would have positive results on people’s lives.

I hope this glossary will aid you in translating the language of the mainstream news media into other languages — such as the Truth.


Where would be if we had no alternatives to the legacy media? In a new video at Reason, Nick Gillespie and George Mason University’s Thomas Hazlett are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the end of the “Fairness” Doctrine:

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