GOP Lets Hollywood Twist in the Wind on SOPA

“There’s nothing better than being able to do the right thing and the politically savvy thing,” Kurt Schlichter  writes at Big Hollywood, while simultaneously paying back a long-time abuser in spades:”


And that’s just what the Republicans in Congress did to Hollywood when it abandoned the rush to pass SOPA and regulate the Internet for the benefit of Tinseltown. Astonishingly, considering its usual inability to perform competently at even the most basic level, the GOP not only managed to embrace good policy but drove a wedge into the Democratic coalition that may well have dramatic consequences down the road. And, best of all, it provided a bit of long overdue payback to the smug oligarchs of LA’s West Side who have spent the last couple decades treating Republicans like something you’d hasten to flush.

Hey, suckers, how do ya like us now?

Read the whole thing.


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