Ed Driscoll

#Occupyfail: #OccupyDC Bro Gets Tased

Occupy Wall Street and its offshoots such as Occupy DC (not to mention its supporters in the MSM) are all about increasing the already leviathan size and power of government — so they shouldn’t be at all surprised when that government turns on them as well:


In late 2009, a DC policeman was caught on video pulling his gun on a group of hipsters having a snowball fight, as several inches of global warming once again descended upon the city. Why wouldn’t those same police officers tase an unruly protester?

The news filtering out from the other Obamavilles might also be a reason why the DC police have itchy taser fingers: “Mostly Peaceful Occupy Oakland Thugs Hurl Bottles, Pipes, Rocks and ‘Improvised Explosive Devices’ at Police.” In-between their supporters issuing anti-Semitic manifestos.

Of course, there may well be more to come: “Summer 2012: Yes, They’re Planning To Riot,” David Steinberg warns at the Tatler.

Rage hard against the dying of the status quo!

Related: “MSNBC ‘Now’ Panel Bemoans How Occupy Movement’s ‘Moral Argument’ Has Been Drowned Out.” Yes, the stench from defecating on police cars (amongst other crimes and misdemeanors, olfactory and otherwise) tends to overwhelm the sweet smell of success.

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