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Romney Releases His Tax Returns (Updated)

He should have demanded a quid pro quo to get President Obama to first release something hitherto unknown — or at least talked up the many “known-unknowns” about the president in interviews. But now that the documents are out, Guy Benson at Townhall reviews the numbers, and the spin from the left, and concludes, “Romney Paid $6.2 Million in Taxes Over Last Two Years, Gave Even More To Charity:”


Here’s another detail that Lefties won’t want to focus on, conveniently buried in the penultimate paragraph of Reuters’ write-up:

Regardless, the emerging picture was of a man of great means who contributes mightily to charity. The documents showed he and his wife contributed $7 million in charity over the two years, much of it going to his Mormon church.

So between taxes and charity, the Romney’s paid $13.2 million since 2010 — roughly one-third of their income.  How will the media treat these numbers?  Blogger Exurban Jon has it about right:

The headline should be that Romney donated 15% of his income [to charity]. Instead it’ll be that he “only” paid 14% to almighty government.

Right, because private charity isn’t the State, and the State is king.  Hey, remember this?

Read the whole thing.

Update: “John Kerry and his wife paid a lower effective tax rate in 2003 than Romney did last year.”

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