Gabrielle Giffords Resigning from Congress

Moe Lane blogs:

Congresswoman Giffords, of course, was gravely wounded in 2011 in a murderous attack by a madman that left six dead and thirteen injured. Since then, Giffords has made a remarkable recovery; unfortunately, it apparently has not been enough of a recovery, so she’s resigning in order to concentrate on her health.  The video below of the announcement both shows the extent of her injuries, and the impressive extent to which she’s already surmounted them: I don’t know if Congresswoman Giffords will ever heal fully, but she’s already doing much better than I privately expected.


Arizona’s governor has called for a special election in April to replace Giffords.

Another Congressional Democrat has also announced he’s stepping down for health reasons (though not until November), legendary moonbat Maurice Hinchey (D-NY).  Concurrently, as this ignominious headline notes, Hinchey’s wife has been changed with her second DWI in eight months.


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