Ed Driscoll

You Know Who Romney's Close Call Last Night Benefits?

Why, it benefits Mitt Romney himself, according to Alana Goodman of Commentary:

Romney is boring, squeaky clean, and whatever skeletons might remain in his closet probably aren’t the salacious type. Santorum, on the other hand – just Google him. He’s the boogeyman of the gay rights and pro-choice movements; he’s said some provocative things about gay marriage. And he’s a part of the whole Religious Right cadre that the left always worries is resurgent. If you have any doubts the knives are out, just watch this video of Alan Colmes mocking the way Santorum handled the death of his child.

TPM and HuffPo have probably already dispatched entire teams of reporters to dig into Santorum’s religious and family background. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing; it’s just a fever pitch of hysterical left-wing scrutiny that Romney probably wouldn’t start to see until after he secured the nomination.

In contrast, “if you take Iowa seriously, you have to conclude that Romney is a weak frontrunner,” Scott Johnson of Power Line adds. Read the whole thing.

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