Ed Driscoll

Alec Baldwin Stands Up for the #99 Percent

As Greg Pollowitz writes, “Alec Baldwin Kicked Off Flight for Acting Like . . . Alec Baldwin:”

And after this, does Baldwin apologize? Nope. He feels the need to slime the flight attendant:

#theresalwaysunited Last flight w American. Where retired Catholic school gym teachers from the 1950′s find jobs as flight attendants.

Keep in mind this is the same jackass who showed up at Occupy Wall Street to declare his support for the “99%.” Unemployed losers in tents get his appreciation. A hard-working flight attendant gets treated like crap.

And here endeth today’s lesson on liberal hypocrisy.

At the risk of quoting one the three foot high characters in the Star Wars series who isn’t an Ewok, no, there is another.