The Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street—plus #OWS goes Radical Chic

Sharp minds, fast Sharpies — and narration by PJTV’s own Bill Whittle:

H/T: Roger Kimball, who writes that OWS has finally found its own Leonard Bernstein to slum with them:


For a vivid taste of the humor, savor this delicious tidbit from The New York Times‘s  daily report on OWS:

The composer Philip Glass will make a statement at a General Assembly at Lincoln Center Thursday evening, where his opera, Satyagraha, on the life of Gandhi, is closing.

Occupy Wall Street. Philip Glass. Gandhi.  It really is droll.  There is a reason that George Orwell began his devastating essay on that Indian fraud with the observation that saints should be considered guilty until proven innocent. (It cost a lot of money, the historian Paul Johnson observed in his tart assessment of Gandhi in Modern Times, to keep Gandhi living in poverty.)

Perhaps Philip Glass will write one of his minimalist operas on Occupy Wall Street — if you thought the drum circles at OWS were repetitive, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet. On the other hand, Glass’s reputation was made in the early 1980s with his soundtrack to the visually striking film Koyaanisqatsi, whose plot is focused on mankind’s destruction of pristine virginal Mother Earth (stop me if you’ve heard that one before from Hollywood). Curious that Glass would side with them, given that’s a topic that OWS and its offshoots have proven definitively that they’re expert on.


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