Ed Driscoll

The Lamps are Going Out All Over Australia

In the Australian Telegraph, Piers Akerman writes, “The new Dark Age begins today:”

The passage of the Carbon Dioxide tax through the Senate today will mark Day One of Year Zero for the Australian economy.

Tuesday,November 8, 2011, will be forever remembered as the day when the Labor-Green-Independent minority government deliberately voted to put the nation into reverse.

It will be recalled as the day when Australians were whacked with an artificial impost designed to handicap their growth, reject wealth creation and mortgage the future of their children to placate ideologically driven Green cultists.

This is the day when the momentum of history went backward.

This is the day the Western tradition of science-backed advancement of the human condition was rejected in favour of paganism.

The history of human development has for the past century and a half been marked by phases in technological development.

As a species, mankind moved through the Bronze Age, into the Iron Age and then into the century of steam and electricity followed by nuclear power.

Thanks to the Green cultists we are rapidly winding back that clock. Nuclear is out, fossil-fuel generated electricity is going out.

Read the whole thing. In Nevil Shute’s classic On the Beach, Australia serves, for a time, as the last outpost for civilization in a post-apocalyptic world. Today it’s a warning for what’s coming in America. (Not that we haven’t all seen this movie before as well.)