Ed Driscoll

The Love that Dare Not Whinny Its Name

What a difference three and a half years makes. In 2008, Sarah Silverman went to bat for the Unicorn Rider.

Today, she’s merely settling for the unicorn:



Found via James Lileks, who responds to a survey being proffered by the makers of the above video:

Generally associate Sarah Silverman with jokes about urine or menstruation. Other than that, she’s cute. Also, the ad tries very hard to be one of those clever, insincere internet things people don’t really like, but feel obligated to know about in case someone makes a parody or a remix. What’s more, the ad should not last longer than the gum’s flavor, but that would mean ads of less than five seconds in duration. Although that would be okay.

And man, is that a lot of work — both for the ad makers, and those of us forced to watch it, and then make strained political analogies in order to justify linking to it — to sell a pack of frickin’ gum, or what??

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