The Incredible Shrinking President

Now is the time at Ed when we juxtapose!

JOE SCARBOROUGH: [Reid] says he doesn’t work for Barack Obama. I think he’s wrong.

TAVIS SMILEY OF PBS: Harry Reid, put down the crack pipe. You don’t work for Barack Obama? We’re all working for Barack Obama.


MSNBC’s Morning Joe series, January 9th, 2009.

Paul Krugman of the New York Times, today:

I’ll be shocked if Mr. Bernanke proposes anything significant — that is, anything likely to make any serious dent in unemployment or offer any serious boost to growth.

Why don’t I expect much from Mr. Bernanke? In two words: Rick Perry.

O.K., I don’t mean that Mr. Perry, the governor of Texas, is personally standing in the way of effective monetary policy. Not yet, anyway. Instead, I’m using Mr. Perry — who has famously threatened Mr. Bernanke with dire personal consequences if he pursues expansionary monetary policy before the 2012 election — as a symbol of the political intimidation that is killing our last remaining hope for economic recovery.

So why doesn’t Bernanke get in Perry’s face and punch back twice as hard? He could bring the pitchforks, and fight back against such terrorism.


Or heck, just drop an A-bomb on the guy and call it a day.

(Concept via SDA.)

Update: Micheael Ramirez’s cartoon, “The Epicenter of Excuses,” found via Power Line, added. And speaking of earthquakes, epicenters, Krugman and Keynesianism, don’t miss Robert Tracinski at Real Clear Politics on “Earthquake Economics: View From the Epicenter.”


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