Ed Driscoll

'Germany's Left Party Faces Charges of Anti-Semitism'

The Brothers Judd catch this item at Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine:

Swatiskas intertwined in the Star of David, a map of the Middle East with Israel missing, boycotts of Israeli products: Germany’s far-left Left Party, many feel, has a growing anti-Semitism problem. The issue threatens to divide the party. (Der Spiegel, 6/21/11)

Germany’s far-left Left Party has been struggling for months to have its voice heard on the national political stage. Falling membership numbers, shrinking support and a very public leadership battle this spring have all left the party struggling to find relevance.

Now, though, the party is facing yet another challenge. For years, the Left Party — a partial outgrowth of the East German communists — has been criticized for harboring anti-Semitism and being overtly critical of Israel.


I’ve seen this movie before — a couple of times.

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