Ed Driscoll

In the Clearing Stands a Weiner

Allahpundit describes the current state of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) as being “like a boxer who’s out on his feet, still getting punched in the face over and over, but foolishly unwilling to fall down.” Allah suggests tonight would be a good time to say sayonara:

You know what would be the perfect time to resign, actually? Tonight, at around, oh, say, 7:30 p.m. ET, with the GOP debate just about to go live. The media will be consumed tomorrow with navel-gazing about who won and who lost, leaving them less time for Weiner’s career postmortem. And to the extent that they do cover it, he’ll finally be helping his party for once by denying some valuable coverage to Republican candidates who need it.

But considering how many opportunities Weiner’s had to bow out as gracefully as someone in his position can — the press conference; at 5:00 PM on Friday night; at 11:00 pm this past Saturday, ala Van Jones, etc., why would he start now?

Oh and speaking of the GOP debate, Ace memorably quips, “Will CNN’s debate be total gayballz?”

Jim Geraghty weighs in on this gayballz-or-not-gayballz issue. Based on past occasions of leftwing propaganda outlets lefterating Republican debates, the evidence predicts a high gayballz quotient.

Expect sixty bazillion questions about evolution, dinosaurs, abortion, and, of course, gay marriage. All of the wedge issues they have very similar answers on, tiny differences endlessly explored, to communicate to CNN’s public “these people disagree with you on big things; don’t vote for them.”

They never do this with Democrats. There are a lot of weird, unpopular positions Democrats are required to hold; oddly enough, the networks are never all that keen to dwell on such issues.

See also: CNN’s infamous “YouTube debate” in late November of 2007 and how much of an anti-GOP setup the whole thing turned out to be.

But when will Charlie Brown ever learn his lesson about letting Lucy hold the football?

In any case, Steve Green will once again take one for the team, and drunkblog the debate on the Pajamas homepage.