Ed Driscoll

Finally: Taiwanese Animators Dip Their Ink Sticks into Weiner Flap

Found via Ace, embedded under the “More” tag due to the possibly not safe for work single-entendre on display in the video’s title card.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Weiner has entered the “if I just shut-up, maybe this will all go away” phase of the story. Which might have worked if he had employed that strategy from the start, rather then generating so many obnoxious sound-bites throughout the rest of the week. Or as Ed Morrissey writes:

  • Was the picture in the tweet of Weiner or not?  Weiner’s answer is that he’s not sure, which prompted the follow-up question of how many crotch shots does Weiner have of himself, or that others have of him?  We’re still waiting for that answer.
  • Why won’t Weiner ask for an investigation of the hack into his account?  Weiner’s response yesterday that he wanted to save taxpayer money doesn’t seem like a credible response for a man who wanted the federal government to institute a single-payer system that had Uncle Sam running the health-care sector.  Better yet, why is Weiner still using the same Twitter account if he really did get hacked, as he claims?

And now to the video:


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