Plenty of Room Left on Fredo's Boat

Roger L. Simon asks, “Does the Anthony Weiner affair mean anything?”

Some married congressman may or may not have sent a Twitter crouch shot of himself to a college girl on the other side of the country.

Snore. So what else is new? We all know that our male politicians – left, right, gay, straight, or whatever – suffer from overdoses of testosterone. It’s almost the sole distinguishing characteristic of a profession that otherwise has no specific qualifications. Weiner himself had the reputation of being quite the playboy before he married the half-Indian, half-Pakistani Huma Abedin in 2008. So what if it hasn’t really stopped, even to the degree he counts porn stars among the short list he follows on Twitter? How very French.

But wait. That’s the point, isn’t it? Is this really the kind of behavior we Americans want from our public officials? When they lie in public about sex, how do we know they are not lying about other things?

Yes, I know Weiner has not yet been proven to have done anything, but his evasive behavior in response to questions is reminiscent of a long list of public figures from Bill Clinton to John Edwards to Eliot Spitzer to Mark Sanford to… well, I could go on. Although these men were far from the first to commit adultery, they all have something in common that most do not. They lied about it to the American public while serving us as our elected officials. None of them could be honest until it was absolutely necessary, if they were then.


Roger describes Weiner as “Don Juan in Hell,” but considering that he married Hillary’s personal assistant, and that Bill himself presided over the ceremony, Weiner’s starting to seem like one of those hapless men that Connie Corleone was marrying at the start of the first two Godfather movies.

And that worked out just swell for both of them…

Related: Ann Althouse crafts a way out for Weiner — blame it on the ghost tweeter:

To use this explanation, Weiner would have to concede that his clever tweets were not — or not always — his. I note that he could use this explanation even if it isn’t true. Get some 21-year-old fall guy to say he got drunk and let his crush on that cute girl in Seattle go to his head.

Which dovetails perfectly with Door Number One in Ace’s “Place your Bets” post.

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