Ed Driscoll

Racer Dave

“David Gregory: Hey, Isn’t It Racist To Say A Black President Presides Over a Poor Economy?” Ace writes in his headline adding, “And so it begins” — of course, given the rhetoric from the media since early 2008, when did it end?

Gingrich called him a food stamp president, which he is, and since Obama is that, it must be ruled out-of-bounds as quickly as possible.

And so it begins.

The media’s two year long campaign to deem every effective charge against President Failure “racist.”

Gingrich, to his credit, gives Gregory the dismissive scorn he deserves.

Given that the JournoList gang, and by extension the rest of the legacy media dubbed themselves the president’s “non-official campaign” staff, it’s worth asking, as a tyro senator did back in 2006,  “whether the president is willing to reign in those on his staff or in his control,” particularly when they go racer, as those employed by NBC’s networks so often are wont to do.

Click over, if it isn’t obviously already, who that senator was.