Ed Driscoll

My Fellow Americans

Greetings from a secure, undisclosed location. But all I can say is that, wow, when you guest-blog at Instapundit, you really go first-class!

Actually, that photo was taken at the George H.W. Bush Library at Texas A&M in College Station, TX. We went down there last month, as my wife has a client who’s a regent of the college and a patron of the presidential library. I also finally got to meet Bryan Preston  in person during that same trip, to discuss video blogging war stories. While Bryan is now the impresario behind Pajamas’ new Tatler group-blog, as I’ve mentioned before, Bryan’s production skills at creating Michelle Malkin’s “Vent” videos for Hot Air in late 2006 and 2007 are what got me into producing my own “Silicon Graffiti” series of videos starting the following year.

And speaking of Hot Air, it was certainly fun to guest-blog there this past week while Ed Morrissey was visiting Europe. A big thanks to Ed and Allahpundit for inviting me to sit-in. They do their blogging out of the Batcave:

Actually, that’s Bronson Canyon, from a trip to PJM HQ in Los Angeles in March. I wonder how many people who watched the old Adam West Batman TV series in 1966 knew back then that every time Batman and Robin burned bat-rubber tear-assing out of the Batcave, that Gotham City was located so close to Los Angeles:

Between Hot Air, Instapundit, my work here at PJM, and my occasional blogging at John Hawkins’ Right Wing News, I feel like a cross between James Brown and Joey Bishop — but then, doesn’t every man from time to time? The hardest working man in the Blogosphere*, and at least at the moment, Guest-Host for hire. I’m hoping to work my way up to sitting in for Merv and Johnny Carson by the time the summer is out…

* At least it felt that way for a time on Friday, getting up to the speed that Instapundit churns out posts seemingly every ten minutes. No wonder it takes four of us to replace him when he’s on vacation!