'Obama's Dukakis Moment'

Nick Kronos writes, “Obama’s Libyan adventure smacks of 1988 Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis:”

The comparisons of Obama to Carter have been numerous, but I don’t think Libya is a place Carter ever would have gone. Instead Obama’s Libyan adventure smacks of 1988 Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis. In an attempt to prove he was a tough leader and militarily capable, Dukakis infamously donned a helmet and climbed into a tank…where he proceeded to look ridiculous. Likewise, President Obama was pushed into this war–dragging America with him–by a feeling that not acting was leaving him looking weak and a second banana to the more bellicose Sarkozy. The wives of the two leaders seem to have a rivalry, so perhaps the competition has spilled into the affairs of the men as well.

In any case, he’s there now — and we with him — and it’s a fine mess indeed.


The Obama administration’s foreign policy as the second coming of Iron Mike Dukakis? Who could have expected such a thing?!

[youtube u2MQuNJU-Mg]


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