To Be Fair, a lot can Happen Between Friday and Saturday

While the lede of this New York Post article focuses on the welcome good news of Rep Gabrielle Giffords’ (D-AZ) medical condition,  check out the breathtaking juxtaposition a few paragraphs below regarding another victim, James Eric Fuller:


James Eric Fuller, 63, who was shot in the knee, had told The Post on Friday, the day before his arrest, that top Republican figures should be tortured — and their ears severed.

“There would be torture and then an ear necklace, with [Minnesota US Rep.] Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin’s ears toward the end, because they’re small, female ears, and then Limbaugh, Hannity and the biggest ears of all, Cheney’s, in the center,” Fuller said.

Also on Friday, Fuller stopped by the home of gunman Jared Lee Loughner and told a neighbor he was going to forgive the shooter, The Associated Press said.

On Saturday, Fuller was carted away for a psychiatric exam after disrupting the town-hall meeting by taking a photo of Tucson Tea Party co-founder Trent Humphries and shouting, “You’re dead!”

Fortunately for aggrieved liberals such as Fuller, the comic section of their favorite newspapers, often featuring Pulitzer-prize winning artists, is a welcome place to gather distance, perspective, and gentle humor.


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