Wellstone Memorial Redux

“If White House Was Surprised by Applause at Tucson Pep Rally.” Jim Hoft asks, “Why Did They Ask For It On Jumbotron?”

Click over for the damning photo.


I suppose the excuse du jour will be that these weren’t stage directions, just merely the assumption that the president would have to pause while the expected hosannas rained down upon him. But presumably, if you put “APPLAUSE” into the text on a Jumbotron, a sufficient number of people in the audience will do just that.

And as always during solemn memorial services, t-shirts with text printed in an all-caps avant-garde typeface were provided to all attendees.

Update: If you missed the rock concert memorial service but still want to pick-up a T-shirt, no worries: Ebay has you covered.

Update: Readers seeking a glimpse of the newly becalmed tone of the president’s supporters in the wake of his call for increased civility during his speech on Wednesday are welcome to peruse the comments to this post.

Update: Doug Ross has related comments.

More: The next existential crisis in a teapot for the left awaits here.


Late Update (12:00 AM 1/17/11): Now that we’ve hit 100 comments of everyone going at it hammer and tongs, I’ve decided to close the comments, if only to aide in the president’s call for a new civility amongst his base on Wednesday. Thanks all, drive safely!

Late Update (2:45 PM) 1/17/11): Rush Limbaugh, Guy Benson and Kathy Shaidle disagree with Jim Hoft’s take, and presumably they’re not on Media Matters’ payroll, investigating Sarah Palin’s uterus or looking to manufacture a cheap diversion after a dreadful week for the left. Obviously, reasonable people can disagree on the audience influence of, what I noted above on Saturday, was the captioning for hearing impaired in the grandstands.


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