Yeah, We Warned You

“‘Powerful conservative media’ colluding with GOP to attack Obama in event of terrorist attack warn Matthews, Alter,” Jeff Poor writes at the Daily Caller:


There’s an opportunistic “conservative media” ready to pounce on President Barack Obama. Who knew?

On MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews trotted out a quasi-conspiracy theory, saying the “right-wing media machine” — including Rush Limbaugh and Fox News — are awaiting a terrorist attack with knives sharpened to go after Obama.

“If something breaks against us in terms of a terrorist attack, you say the entire right-wing media machine led by Limbaugh and Fox [News] and everybody else will say, ‘Yeah, we warned you,’” Matthews said Thursday.

Project much, boys?

[youtube N5p-qIq32m8]


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