Ed Driscoll

Rant of the Day

Found in the comments to Moe Lane’s post on our new improved, Happy Fun TSA:

As Doug Ross said last week, it’s a small price to pay to ensure that we will never have to profile certain people whose religion has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism — the name of which we aren’t allowed to mention in this context — no matter how obvious that need may become, no matter how well it’s been demonstrated to work by a certain “shitty little country.” Because the one thing above all that we seem to have no right to do is defend ourselves effectively and proactively, or to expect anything more from our courageous leaders and selflessly dedicated bureaucrats than security theater.

We need to keep our security focus on people who will never come anywhere near committing an act of terrorism in their entire lives, and off of the people we all know commit somewhere around a hundred percent of the terrorism we seem to have decided we’re willing to bend over backwards to accommodate and live with — with our pants around our ankles, so as to allow easier access for a thorough going-over at Checkpoint Chickie.

We’ve got Barney Fife running airport security now. And you know how well his plans and schemes always worked out. Hell, it sometimes seems as if we’ve become a nation of Barney Fifes at this point.

Which, that’s a choice too, y’know. Come back, Andy Taylor! Your country needs you, now more than ever.

Nahh, we tried that already this past summer with disastrous results, back when Andy’s programming of the Wayback Machine was just one character off.