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Limbaugh Announces 'Reverse Operation Chaos'

Rush has a little fun with Hillary supporters, urging them to stay home on election day in November, to send a message to their party about how badly Obama has augured it into the ground:

[youtube Es8TTvkLVX4]

Or as the riff went in Lawrence of Arabia,Look, sir, we can’t just do nothing.” Why not? It’s usually best.”

Pull quote, now that Rush’s transcript is online:

Any Democrat — and there are probably a lot of you, and you know who you are, and I know and you know that you are listening — any Democrat who believes that Hillary Clinton would make a far better president than Barack Obama will, anybody who believes that Hillary Clinton would stand a much better chance of beating the Republicans in a race for the White House in 2012, if any of you Democrats believe that Hillary Clinton got cheated in the 2008 primaries, you boys and girls at HillBuzz, I’m thinking of you people.  I mean you were the first to realize the fraud that Obama was.  Hillary was your gal.  Is she still?  There’s still that website, HillBuzz, still out there.  These guys are in Chicago.  So if you think Hillary would have a better time beating the Republican nominee, whoever it is in 2012; if you believe that Hillary would make a better president than Barack Obama or anybody that the Republicans nominate, if you believe, as a Democrat, that Hillary Clinton got screwed, got shafted during the 2008 primaries; if you believe that Barack Obama will be responsible for an historic and humiliating loss of congressional and Senate seats and thus power in November; if Barack Obama is sufficiently embarrassed, Hillary Clinton will be seen as the Democrats’ best hope of holding onto the White House in 2012 and 2016, therefore, if you believe, as Democrats, that the only way out of this mess… here, look at what you got!  You’re about to lose it.  You had 60 seats in the Senate; you had a supermajority in the House; you had the White House; you had a messiah.  And look what’s happened.  Your party is singularly being destroyed, and the Republicans don’t even have a nominee.  Your party is being destroyed, and the Republicans are still talking about wanting to work with Obama.

Darrell Issa is out there saying so today, and Mitch McConnell is out there saying so today. They want to work with the president.  You have a golden opportunity to stop, to stave off what could be and what all the pollster experts are predicting to be a Democrat wipeout.  But you have to be forward thinking.  There’s nothing you can do about what’s going to happen in ten days, 11 days.  But depending on what you do in ten or 11 days, you could be a major factor in your party’s rebound.  Do you realize how incredible this is to have to talk now about the Democrat Party needing to rebound, after just 20 months, in total almost totalitarian power?  How do you bring this about?  Well, it’s Reverse Operation Chaos.  Hillary Clinton Democrats, stay home next Tuesday.  Hillary Democrats do not go to the polls, they do not vote, they do not vote fraud, they do not cheat, they do not interrupt the election at all.  They do not accept free rides to the polling places by union thugs.  Speak truth to power with your silence and your sedentary nature on Tuesday.  Stay home.  Do not vote.  Leave Obama on an island all by himself, the island of Democrat dissolution.  After all, he has brought it about single-handedly.

Heh, indeed.™

(And Hillbuzz says thanks for the shoutout.)

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