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Politico dubs 2010 “The year of the missing candidate,” and not surprisingly for a JournoList-affiliated organization, harps on Republican-affiliated newcomers for wanting to avoid a late in the game drive-by hit and run from the “gotcha”-obsessed legacy media:

Tea party darlings Rand Paul of Kentucky and Christine O’Donnell of Delaware both surged to primary victories thanks, in part, to national media exposure, but after their own comments got them into trouble, they abruptly canceled post-primary Sunday show appearances and have largely avoided doing non-Fox national TV.

But what’s more remarkable is that they’ve also taken a low profile in their own states. Paul once asked local reporters to submit questions in writing and often hurries to his car to avoid them…

The lengths to which some of the hopefuls have gone — such as refusing to release public schedules to local reporters — have astounded veteran political observers and sparked a debate over whether the year of the missing candidate marks a new era in which statewide contenders will be as guarded as presidential aspirants.

But how missing action can Paul be? Investor’s Business Daily has an interview with him that just went online, right here.

Related: Even the New York Times is starting to play “Name that Party” these days: “In Ads, Democratic Candidates Play Down Party.”

Wonder why?

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