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Great Moments in MSM Analogies

Katie Couric, keeping it classy. The Weasel Zippers blog takes one for the team, and spots Katie, as their headline notes, accusing “Mosque Opponents of ‘Tearing Down the Towers’ of American Values:”

Among the protesters near Ground Zero this weekend – a woman held a sign that read “Unmask the Mosque.” It had a cartoon sketch of President Obama on it – and the implied message needed no interpretation. In speaking out about an Islamic group’s right to build a centerthere, the President had given another shred of evidence to a growing conspiracy theory that he is Muslim. He is not.

The Pew Research Center found 18 percent of Americans believe that…and a whopping 43 percent are not sure what religion he is. For the record he’s Christian.

It might be Islamophobia, Obamaphobia, or both…but when loud speakers are blaring “Born in the USA” and signs say “No Clubhouse for Terrorists” it’s clear we aren’t just talking about a mosque anymore.

There is a debate to be had about the sensitivity of building this center so close to Ground Zero.

But we can not let fear and rage tear down the towers of our core American values.

That’s a page from my notebook.

I’m Katie Couric, CBS News.

The Zippers have the video of Katie’s speech should you wish to watch it. Otherwise, presumably Katie’s viewer thinks her analogy is spot-on.

Update: Katie’s audience member possibly spotted here.

(Photo at top of post of the aircraft part that tore through the roof of the Mosque that Dare Not Speak Its Name on September 11th, 2001.)

Update: This counter-proposal to the GZM seems like a reasonable compromise on the issue. What say you, Katie?

Update: “Cause & Effect, with your host Katie Couric.”

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