Ed Driscoll

Long Hot Summer: Bicoastal Bipolar Ruling Class Anger

Ace spots a little bicoastal bipolar anger from the Ancien Regime, lashing out at those revolting peasants they’re forced to govern — ’til November at least:

So Chuckie Schumer says “sour;” Senator Barbara “Senator Boxer” Boxer says “grumpy.”

I think the Democrat Party is in unanimous agreement that the public is irrational.

What was that term I remember from 1994…? Ah yes: Angry White Men. “The nation had a temper tantrum tonight,” Peter Jennings informed me then.

In a separate post, Ace asks, “How Bad Is It?”

Usually Democrats wait until after an election to begin insulting the public that turned them out as stupid, racist, ignorant, and emotionally sour-pussed.

Now they’re doing it three months before one.

They’re getting their hate on for the public very early.


In his latest post on his Pajamas Express blog, Victor Davis Hanson writes:

I used to think in 2004 that John Kerry was trying to lose the election. Why windsurf or bike in spandex when you’re trying to prove Bush an out-of-touch elitist, insensitive to a “jobless recovery” of 5.7 percent unemployment (those were the days)? But what now are we to make of buying a $7 million yacht, and weaseling out on high-tax state Massachusetts’s $500,000 bite (he used to call those who did that “Benedict Arnolds”). That’s a new one: a populist Democrat skipping the yacht tax in times of recession even amid liberal calls for even more taxes and the president’s warning for all of us to “have skin in the game.” (Michelle showed a lot of skin with a one-strap designer blouse in Marbella the last week, perched over the Costa del Sol, recharging her batteries for Martha’s Vineyard, after all of us downright mean people raised the bar on her.)

In reviewing how the once mighty have fallen hard, I am not being partisan here. The Gingrich Republicans, likewise drunk on praise and power, imploded in 1996. After 2002, the new “permanent” Republican majority was gone by 2006 as Duke Cunningham et al. proved a precursor to Rangel, Dodd, and Waters.

The only difference? Just as the traditional-values right suffers the additional charge of hypocrisy when its luminaries get caught on massage tables or in airport bathroom stalls, so too blue-collar Democrats, who spread around other people’s money, should not prefer Marbella to Pismo Beach or spandex to shorts and a T-shirt. I don’t think I have ever seen the country so mad; and the furor will explode at the ballot box in November in ways even the Democrats’ depressing polls underestimate.

And that’s that.

But while “the Democrats’ depressing polls” may underestimate the anger of their constituents, the could foreshadow pretty closely what’s to come in November; see also the temper tantrums from the campaigns of John Kerry and John McCain as their they entered their final days.

Besides, as Maxine Waters likes to say (video at link), “No one should be so big, so important, so powerful that they can violate the laws of this country without suffering the consequences.”

Or at least violating the trust of their constituents.