Blogger GayPatriot Withdraws Apology to Sherrod

“So I’m through with this story.  The edited video was unfortunate, but the true racist stripes of the NAACP, the Sherrods, and the Obama Administration have certainly come out over a week’s time.  So bravo, Mr. Breitbart.  You hit the target.”


Breitbart is also receiving support from a surprising source: Jon Stewart, who tells his viewers, “Andrew Breitbart may be the most honest person in this entire story.”

Glenn Reynolds adds:

Dan Riehl: Sad, Jon Stewart Has More Ballz Than Many Right-Side Pundits On Breitbart, Sherrod. That’s true. When the lefties target someone, whether it’s Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh, too many rightish pundits instinctively distance themselves. That’s a reflex left over from when things were very different.

Of course, as with self-admitted communist/truther Van Jones, some of the more reactionary on the left long for that period to return. As economist Arnold Kling recently wrote:

I think that ideology is partly endogenous. I do not think that it is an accident that an ideology of rational technocratic control grew up as America urbanized and as enormous scale economies emerged in the industries made possible by the internal combustion engine, the electric motor, radio, and television. I do not think it is an accident that the Progressive ideology will be challenged as the Internet starts to alter the economy and society, reducing the comparative advantage of mass production and mass media while increasing the comparative advantage of local autonomy and individual expression. The Internet serves as a constant reminder of the wisdom of Hayek.


To this post into last week’s other big story, Looking at the JournoList from the perspective Kling describes above, one could argue that it was a way to recreate the mid-20th century dinosaur period of monolithic journalism in the 21st century era of demassified media.

Update: The effectively state-run Media Matters continues to spin, swing, and miss on behalf of the Obama administration’s incompetence and rash judgment. Also just in, suns sets in west, rises in east.



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