Ed Driscoll

And Speaking of Oliver Stone

Have the Iranians gotten a sneak peek at his upcoming TV series on conspiracy theories? Has JFK been playing on Iranian cable a lot recently? At Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft notes the “Iranian Media Slams Snopes For Not Including Israel’s Role in 9-11 Attacks.”

Hey, in 2007 Rosie O’Donnell told ABC’s viewers, “And you know what, go outside of the country to find out what’s going on in our country because it’s frightening. It’s frightening.”

She just didn’t tell them how far into other dimensions of space and time they’d have to go.

Meanwhile, as Michael Ledeen writes, “I’ll bet you haven’t seen very much news about Iran during the past week or 10 days, have you? And yet there’s lots of news”

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