Ed Driscoll

Tech Central Station Now 'Ideas In Action'

Long time readers will remember that I contributed numerous articles to Tech Central Station (later rebranded as TCS Daily) from 2002 to 2007. I believe James Glassman, its founder, sold the publication around 2006 or 2007. Apparently, he must have purchased the URL back, as it now redirects to a Website called “Ideas In Action” built around a new online video series by Jim:

Ideas in Action with Jim Glassman

Ideas in Action with Jim Glassman is a new half-hour weekly series on ideas and their consequences.

Each edition of the new series, hosted by veteran journalist, scholar and diplomat Jim Glassman, will present a discussion of trends, conditions, and ideas at the heart of the important issues of the day. Viewers engage with a diverse group of economists, historians, anthropologists, political scientists, demographers, and social philosophers, as well as authorities from many other disciplines. Andrew Walworth is Executive Producer.

Ideas in Action is a coproduction of Grace Creek Media and The George W. Bush Institute and is distributed to public television by Executive Program Services.

Since the current administration in Washington seems to be trapped in an idea set that’s permanently frozen around 1962, lord knows DC could use some new ideas, and I’ll be curious to see the Website’s new direction.