Ed Driscoll

Personal Secession: Everything Old is New Again

Then: “Turn on, tune in, drop out”, as the counterculture of the 1960s sought a much more primitivist existence, rejecting the consumerism of the bourgeois American liberal lifestyle of the Lyndon Johnson Great Society era.

Now: “Personal secession” as Conservative Christians return to their roots, rejecting the faux religiosity of the bourgeois-bohemian American leftwing lifestyle of the Barack Obama Doomed Society era:

“We are following a different path that we think is healthier, promotes better families, and better communities.”…

“Christians should be looking for a way to take care of one another without forcing their neighbor to contribute to their welfare. In essence that’s coveting your neighbor’s goods through the agency of the governments you create.”…

“Making the government an idol is the problem. That’s what stands in the way of Christian sanctification… It’s hands off mainly things like our family, our children, our bodies, our health, and even our money, the fruits of our labor. These don’t belong to government.”…

“We originally anticipated thousands and thousands of people overwhelming these smaller counties…. We had people moving, that were moving, but they were kind of putting the cart before the horse, because they weren’t living independently. They were just showing up and saying ‘Okay, where’s my house and where’s my job?’ We’re like, ‘Uh, no, it doesn’t work like that. ‘”….

“Personal secession are things like homeschooling, house churches, home gardening, home-based economics, just regaining privacy and a sense of community rather than worrying about what’s going on in Washington, D.C… What’s the latest thing from the Supreme Court?”

Why, it’s like a Great Awakening, or something!