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U.C. Student Tells David Horowitz She's Up for Another Holocaust

Wow, nothing like giving a speech, and having an audience member tell you that she’d like to see you, and everyone else who shares your religion dead. Found via Ace of Spades and Instapundit, this is definitely one of those watch the whole thing clips:

[youtube 8fSvyv0urTE]

As DrewM, one of Ace’s associate bloggers, writes:

Shockingly, she’s a member of the Muslim Student Association.

You have to stick with it to the end for the real (but not very surprising) gut punch but it’s worth it.

I love how she starts it off with the traditional liberal pablum about dialogue and exchanging ideas. She isn’t interested in exchanging ideas, she’s interested in seeing Jews die a the hands of her coreligionists.

There are always going to be cranks and nasty pieces of works in the world but right now, we are in the business of creating them through what our schools do and do not teach.

Fortunately people, (Arizona again) are starting to say, ‘enough!’

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has signed a bill targeting a school district’s ethnic studies program, hours after a report by United Nations human rights experts condemned the measure.State schools chief Tom Horne, who has pushed the bill for years, said he believes the Tucson school district’s Mexican-American studies program teaches Latino students that they are oppressed by white people.

Public schools should not be encouraging students to resent a particular race, he said.

“It’s just like the old South, and it’s long past time that we prohibited it,” Horne said.

…The measure signed Tuesday prohibits classes that advocate ethnic solidarity, that are designed primarily for students of a particular race or that promote resentment toward a certain ethnic group.

The Tucson Unified School District program offers specialized courses in African-American, Mexican-American and Native-American studies that focus on history and literature and include information about the influence of a particular ethnic group.

Is this law 100% right? I honestly don’t know. But, unlike the young lady above, it will certainly create a dialogue about what kind of country we are and what kind of values we will teach our kids in schools.

The left won the last round of the culture wars by winning among other institutions the academy. As always, when the left wins they want to claim the debate closed forever and always, anyone thinking otherwise is racist. Well tough.

We have ample evidence now about the kind of country they would have this become and not everyone is on board. Now they are going to have to defend what they have wrought and they are going to have to do better than cry ‘racism’ if they want to keep it.

This is America and while dissent is not ipso facto patriotism but it sure as hell is allowed.

A full transcript of the above video, and related links at Horowitz’s Newsreal blog.

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