Ed Driscoll

In The Future, Everyone Will Be Hitler For 15 Minutes

Allahpundit spots Glenn Beck asking, as Allah puts it, “Remember last week when it was wrong to call your opponents Nazis?”

Ace made this same point earlier, but has the left ever claimed that it’s flatly wrong to kick the word “Nazi” around? It’s wrong to kick it at them, but when it comes to you, they’ll happily play hacky sack with it all the live-long day. In fact, among our thoughtful professional pundit class, the main challenge these days when writing about the right is whether to go the full Godwin or stop just short with some similar pejorative. Eugene Robinson was content to label Arizona’s law a racist abomination but Richard Cohen got more creative in calling it the “Anglos’ last stand.” Bolder still was Linda Greenhouse, who upped the ante with an apartheid analogy in her analysis of what turned out to be the wrong version of the bill. (Ahem.) With the bar set that high, can Frank Rich clear it on Sunday? If he does, he’ll be the Dick Fosbury of bottom-feeding left-wing demagogues.

Meanwhile, as Matthew Balan writes at Newsbusters, “Rick Sanchez Forwards CAIR’s Implication That Opponents of Islam are Nazis.”

And sometimes, so are their allies.