Ed Driscoll

The Coal-Powered Car And Its Discontents

Tech News World looks at high energy costs of the electric car:

Finding ways to wring the most juice of out electric vehicles will be an important consideration for owners and utilities alike.

Owners are likely to pay a premium to purchase electric cars, and they will immediately become one of the top electricity consumers in their homes — in some cases, more than the summertime power draw of the air conditioner and water heater combined, according to the Electric Power Research Institute, a utility-funded organization.

The upcoming Chevy Volt, for instance, is expected to increase the energy draw of the average U.S. home by 13 percent. The Nissan Leaf comes in at 19 percent, according to EPRI, which didn’t provide figures for the Focus.

As somebody joked on Twitter last week, “Electric cars are more accurately called ‘Coal powered’ cars.” And as they continue to be pushed by Government Motors and its offshoots, they’re going to need plenty of coal. Which of course, Obama, Biden, and Harry Reid have each decreed we can’t have.

So clearly, with all of these electric cars on the road, there’s an increasing demand for car manufacturers to begin building cars powered by an alternative source of energy to relieve the strain on our nation’s beleaguered electrical grid. Perhaps an internal combustion design which uses a petroleum-derived liquid as its energy source.

It’s crazy, but, someday…It. Just. Might. Work.

(Sorry, still channeling that awesome Shatner profile.)