Ed Driscoll

Time Magazine Rediscovers God

Back in 1966, Time magazine famously asked:

Evidently, He’s made a heck of a comeback in Time’s eyes. At the end of 2009, the magazine blamed the outgoing decade’s woes on unseen theological forces. And on Sunday, Amy Sullivan of Time asked, “Why Does Glenn Beck Hate Jesus?”

The term “Social Gospel” has been considered a dirty phrase by conservatives for a while now. But if that’s what Beck meant, he has quickly learned the consequences of sloppy language. And in any event, he has certainly discovered the dangers of publicly practicing theology without a license.

I think Beck is likely safe, other than the occasional rhetorical bomb tossed his way by someone on the payroll of his former employer. After all, Time has managed to stay in business for almost 45 years since they first attempted to practice theology without a license.

Update: Beck responds:

[dailymotion xcl7lg_glenn-beck-to-jim-wallis-the-hammer_news nolink]

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