Ed Driscoll

The Smoothest 'Conservatives Are Nazis' Reference Yet

Megan McArdle responds to her Atlantic stablemate, far left blogger Andrew Sullivan (and/or his ghost bloggers), but ends an otherwise estimable post on a growing conservative tolerance towards homosexuality by violating Godwin’s Law:


Andrew Sullivan has been doing a lot of blogging about Ryan Sorba, the [expletive deleted] who got up on stage at CPAC to condemn them for inviting GOProud.  Andrew’s mostly given a lot of space to illustrating what a [censored] [redacted] Ryan Sorba is, and I fully agree.  One can only cherish the hope that thirty years from now he will writhe in shame at this performance, and given the vagaries of youth, there is a good chance that eventually, he will.

But [expletive deleted]s getting up at political conferences and saying asinine things are not exactly a surprising happening.  To me, the news story was this:  Sorba got booed off the stage.  At CPAC.  This seems like great news.  So why focus on the sad truth that yes, there are still homophobes out there?  Maybe this is just heterosexual privilege, but this seems like a genuinely great moment in gay rights–and the gay conservatives and libertarians who sent met that clip seemed to take it as such.  The culture war may not be over, but the allied forces are advancing on Berlin at an astonishing pace.

Ironically, Sullivan, who in 2007 described George Bush as “The Weimar President” and recently equated Sarah Palin with the Hitler Youth in Bob Fosse’s Cabaret, would certainly approve of that last analogy.

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