"All You Can Do Is Marvel"

Steve Green on “The Descent Into Madness”:

Andrew Sullivan would have the US & NATO invade Israel.

Invade. Israel.

Yes, Israel.

No, I’m not kidding. Here are his own (?) words:

My own view is moving toward supporting a direct American military imposition of a two-state solution, with NATO troops on the borders of the new states of Palestine and Israel.

You can’t counter an argument like that. All you can do is marvel that this is the same man who made so much sense in the hard, scary months after 9/11.


As I wrote late last month, perhaps off-again, on-again Obama advisor Samantha Power is ghosting for Sully from time to time, or perhaps Zbigniew Brzezinski is sitting in these days.

Meanwhile, this post by Kathy Shaidle from late October of 2004, on what drove Andrew and others who were, in retrospect, part of the first round of center-left figures to abandon the War on Terror, still very much holds true.

Update: “For someone who has spent the past few years denouncing the hubris of American military intervention in the Middle East, this is heady stuff.”


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