Mansion, Sweet Mansion

“Men who look upon themselves as born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent; selected from the rest of mankind their minds are early poisoned by importance; and the world they act in differs so materially from the world at large, that they have but little opportunity of knowing its true interests, and when they succeed to the government are frequently the most ignorant and unfit of any throughout the dominions.”


It’s quite a paradox isn’t it? Those who push global warming and environmentalism as a way to control the masses sure live in some swell digs:

While they may create environmentally-correct “mini-me” personas for public consumption, they’re definitely not practicing what they preach. On the other hand, as Ann Coulter put it when news of stately Gore manor first broke, “I kind of respect [Al] more, it shows he is not stupid enough to believe all this global warming nonsense. He’s trying to get us to believe. Okay, fine, he may be a hypocrite but at least he’s not a moron.”


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