Ed Driscoll

Quote Of The Day

“What’s the Difference Between the Mafia and a Hollywood Leftist? …the Mafia doesn’t go after your family.”

Related: From the folks who wanted to keep Saddam Hussein in power, “Joe Lieberman, Mass Murderer?”

Related: “Let the professional Jews quote the Talmud at me, but the way Lieberman has derived his political morality from his religious fundamentalism, and used both as fig leaves to cover his thralldom to money, is ritually unclean. Some people—for example, the sick and the crippled—might say that it is really not Jewish at all.”

Flashback: “There’s something vaguely reassuring about all this, from the view of sitting on the right. It reveals to conservatives that the nastiness exhibited in our earlier disagreements with these folks was never personal; these people are clearly nasty to anyone who disagrees with them.”