ClimateGate: Turning The Amps Up To 11 -- Maybe 12

Yesterday, I noted that in response to ClimateGate, the left wants to see the global warming scare tactics cranked to #11 — as if those amps haven’t been playing the same chord for ages:


As I noted in last week’s “Hide The Decline” edition of my Silicon Graffiti video blog, in what turned out to be, in retrospect, the run-up to ClimateGate, the left seemed to be dramatically escalating the craziness of their global warming-themed PSAs and advertisements. By the fall of this year, it reached the point where the WWF was comparing global warming to a whole fleet of terrorist-controlled planes attacking the World Trade Center. Which was followed by this ad from Plane Stupid, the British anti-aviation group, which, in what was clearly another 9/11-inspired ad, featured photorealistic digital animation of polar bears falling from the sky, hitting skyscrapers, leaving blood trails on the sides of those buildings, and ultimately flattening parked cars:

[youtube fxis7Y1ikIQ]

Short of replacing the bears with humans falling from the sky for the complete 9/11 experience, once you’ve reached this level of hysteria, where else do you go to ramp up the hysteria?



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