Ed Driscoll

Moral Equivalence of War Alert

Headline at the Huffington Post: Chris Dodd (D-Countrywide) “If Troops Can Work Christmas Eve, So Can Congress”:

Senate Chris Dodd, a chamption of the Democratic health-care bill, said Wednesday afternoon that if Republicans keep delaying progress on the reform bill, the chamber ought to keep working until they hear the jingle of sleigh bells.

Wednesday marked the Senate’s third day of floor debate on just the first of many proposed amendments, a bill-killer from John McCain that would take any cuts to Medicare off the table. Congress is slated to adjourn on Dec. 18, so Republican senators are hoping they can stonewall debate into the new year.

Not so fast, Dodd said at a press conference. “If we can’t do it today or tomorrow or next week, then I’m prepared to stay however long it takes to get this done,” Dodd said at a press conference. “If that soldier can be on guard for us over there, we can certainly be on guard for them right here.”


Nice moral equivalent of war stolen base, Senator; pass go, collect $200 and an Irish cottage.

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