The Thinking Man's Late Night TV Host

Back in 2006, David Letterman had this infamous rumble with Bill O’Reilly:

In now a famous “You Tube” moment, Bill O’Reilly of the Fox News Channel, went on Letterman to be the recipient of the host’s rude and sophomoric antics. As the segment shifted into high gear, O’Reilly asked Letterman a pointed and direct question: “Do you want the United States to win in Iraq?”To the surprise of no one but his sycophants, Letterman could not or would not answer the question. When pressed by O’Reilly to answer, the best he could do was to play to his mostly left-leaning audience for cheap debating points and say, “It’s not easy for me because I’m thoughtful.”


As I wrote last year:

How thoughtful do you need to be? it’s an A or B question: do you want the US to win, or Al Qaeda, the Baathists, and Iran? Letterman, who, 20 years ago, was once the master of postmodern irony, became its unintentional victim as he unwittingly echoed Jack Benny’s classic gag when he retorted to a fictional mugger shouting “Your money or life, pal!” on his old radio show: “I’m thinking it over!” notes this incident in the midst of Dave’s mea culpa last week:

Audience member Tracy Frye, of Dallas, Texas told “David apologized to his wife and his colleagues at Worldwide Pants. He said he didn’t really think through what he said on-air last week and how it would affect his co-workers.”

Jim Treacher suggests, “Maybe we should start a list of things Letterman hasn’t ‘thought through.'”


Meanwhile, the New York Daily News goes deep inside “The Bunker,” Letterman’s sanctum sanctorum (read: love shack) inside the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Update: Related thoughts from Ace of Spades.


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