Ed Driscoll

"The Ego Has Landed"

Obama loses Olympic bid; Matt Drudge has the headline of the day:


Allahpundit writes, “It’s only right that I eat crap here for having insisted that this was a done deal and that The One wouldn’t dare risk his political capital on a completely needless humiliation. You’re a bigger sucker than I thought, champ.”

Meanwhile, let the spin begin from the magazine that previously declared The Won is “sort of God” when they weren’t prepping him for the Vatican.

Update: The starboard half of the Twittersphere is, not surprisingly, indulging in plenty of schadenfreude, as the most politicized White House ever (or since 1972, if you prefer) complains they lost the Olympics because of “politics.” Jim Geraghty quips, “Brazilians wax Chicago.” Greg Pollowitz asks a fair question to legacy media: “Question for the MSM: Be honest. How psyched are you that you’re going to Rio instead of Chicago in August?”

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